Attention Illinois and Wisconsin Business Owners

Is your current computer or phone service provider treating you like a "bad date"?

  • Not returning your calls fast enough...
  • Constantly missing deadlines...
  • Not fixing things right the first time...
  • Never following up on your requests?
  • Not helping you with high-level Techology

It just amazes me how unreliable and arrogant many computer and phone technicians can be. You call them for help and you end up getting voice mail. Then, when you finally get them on the phone, they make you wait hours - even days - before they actually come out to help.

Even then, a lot of them take longer than they estimated, charge you more than you expected and, as a final insult, they don't follow up with you to ensure you were satisfied!

My name is Bill Milican, President of Allied Tele-Com and it amazes me how many horror stories I hear about bad support companies each and every week. I think its time someone finally got it right. That's why I've started a one-company revolution in the North Eastern Illinois and South Eastern Wisconsin area. With over 30 years in business and a customer base of over 3,000 businesses, I've seen my share of problems and I've found ways to SOLVE them once and for all.

My company is committed to delivering fast, affordable computer and phone system support from reliable technicians. Now, I know that doesn't sound all that amazing. After all, it's what many other companies SAY they provide. But, I'm willing to bet you aren't getting the kind of computer or phone system support that you deserve and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I Want to Give You 2 FREE Hours of Computer or Phone Support to Prove We Can Do a Better Job than Your Current Provider!

As a prospective client, I'd like to give you 2 FREE hours of networking or phone system support to prove that my staff and I can do a better job at solving your technology headaches than your current provider. That's right - 2 free hours. Just give us a call at (847) 249-2027 the next time you find yourself dealing with a computer or phone system problem. At no charge, we'll send a senior technician to your office to diagnose and treat the problem.

Call (847) 249-2027 to claim your 2 FREE Hours now!

Why Are We Giving Away Free Support?
Some people think we are crazy for offering free services. They say, "Aren't you afraid people will just take advantage of you?" The truth is, some people might - but we know that most business owners are just honest people trying to find someone they can trust and count on to fix and maintain their computer network or their phone system.

After All, Don't You Just Want It to Work The Way It's Supposed To?
That's why I'm making this offer. I know that we are hands down the best at what we do, but I don't think it's fair for you to risk your money to find out. I don't expect everyone to become a customer, but I know that some will end up becoming loyal, long-term clients and I think that's worth the risk.

There Are No Strings Attached...
But don't wait too long... As you might have guessed, I cannot extend this offer forever, because time and staff limitations simply won't allow it.

Remember, this offer won't be around forever. Make sure you respond now while you are thinking about it. Just call (847) 249-2027 to claim your 2 FREE Hours.


Bill Millican, President
Allied Telecom

P.S. I want to be very clear that when you take us up on this offer, you are not expected to do or buy anything. As a matter of fact, I will give you my personal guarantee that you won't have to deal with a pushy, arrogant sales person, because I don't appreciate heavy sales pressure any more than you do. So go ahead call us now! you'll be glad you did!

Call us at (847) 249-2027 today for your 2 FREE Hours.

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